Merry Christmas Mio

I’m reminded of you every time I walk into our house and I don’t hear your little paws and your shrilled bark. I’m reminded of you every time I walk past the living room and you’re not perched in your little spot staring out the window. And I’m reminded of you each time I sit down and you don’t race over to make yourself comfortable on my lap.

I’m glad my mom, my dad, my two brothers, my two sisters and I were all able to get together to bury you. It is hard for us all to be in the same place at the same time so thank you for bringing us together. It brought me back to when you first became part of our family. My brother brought you home around this time as a Christmas gift for my mom and we were all surrounding you on the floor in her room as we tried to come up with a name for you. You were the smallest thing. Eventually my mom settled on the name Mio because you were hers. As time passed though you never belonged to any of us, you simply became a member of our family in your own right. Tony described it the best, saying that you just fit with our family. I think sometimes people may find our family to be a bit overwhelming but you just found your place in all the madness.

Mio, my heart breaks that you’re not around. Especially during a time where we are meant to be surrounded by friends and family. The fact that you’re not here makes Christmas different this year and you should know that our house is not the same without you. I’m sorry for all the times I told you to quiet down when you barked, I’m sorry for all the times I ignored you when you wanted me to take you on a walk. And I’m so sorry for each time you followed me as I left the house and I closed the door on you. I realize at times I took your love for granted because now that you’re not here I notice just how much you loved us, all of us and how willing you always were to share your love.

Not having you around fills me with regret but also constantly reminds me of all the things that made you special. Thank you for everything buddy. For the times that you woke up my parents when I would forget the keys to the house. Thank you for making me laugh when you would sit next to anyone and just stare at them with your peripheral. Lastly, thank you for making the darkest days brighter just by being there. I’m confident that when you were here, you felt just how much love we all had for you.

To everyone who reached out to send their condolences, thank you so much but especially to those who’ve lost a pet and shared how much it sucks to lose these members of our families. For anyone that has a pet, please show them just how much they mean to you and don’t forget about them as members of the family during the holiday season. If Mio were still with us I would do the same. I love you so much bud and I will miss you.